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Please read the terms of use of the site carefully before deciding to use it.

The following terms of use apply to https://plazamessolonghi.gr/, which may be referred to hereinafter as "Website", "Website", "us", "us", "us" etc.

They are designed to keep you informed of the information and personal information we collect, how we use it, how we protect it and what options you have for your privacy.

Plazamessolonghi.gr is exclusively owned and operated by its owners and administrators.

Any user who enters and makes use of this service is deemed to agree and accept the terms and conditions set forth herein without any exception but also the terms and conditions of use of the site plazamessolonghi.gr.

Any other Terms and Conditions are expressly excluded.

If a user does not comply with these terms, they must refrain from using the website and the information contained therein.

  1. User Obligations - Personal Data - Newsletter

Plazamessolonghi.gr enables the user to register in the recipient list. User registration requires submission of the user's email address. The user receives e-mail subscription instructions. Upon downloading the Newsletter, unsbuscribe is also available.

Plazamessolonghi.gr may process part or all of the data sent by users for statistical purposes and to improve its information services.

The user can contact the respective administrator of the site plazamessolonghi.gr to check the existence of the personal file, to correct it, to change it or to delete it by e-mail to info@plazamessolonghi.gr.

  1. Modification of the terms herein

Plazamessolonghi.gr reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions without prior notice. The modification or renewal will be effective from the time this post is posted on plazamessolonghi.gr.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Any text, photo, idea, suggestion, image, label, trademark etc. contained on this site is the intellectual property of plazamessolonghi.gr and is in no way prohibited from using, reproducing, reproducing, republishing, copying, modifying, distributing even portions of this without the prior written consent of the site owner.

The user reserves the right of individual storage and part of this content for personal use only and not for public or commercial use and always with their indications of origin from plazamessolonghi.gr, without prejudice to any relevant intellectual and industrial property rights . Any unauthorized, otherwise unauthorized use of the content of the Website, shall entail civil and / or criminal liability.

  1. Hosts - Hyperlinks Banners - Disclaimer

Plazamessolonghi.gr gives you the opportunity to link to other websites through links, solely for the convenience of the visitor and / or user. Plazamessolonghi.gr does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other sites and websites to which it refers through links, (hyperlinks) or banners. Consequently, for any problem encountered during their visit / use, visitors and / or users must refer directly to the respective web sites and pages, which are fully responsible for the provision of their services. Plazamessolonghi.gr may in no way be construed as endorsing or accepting the content or services of such sites and the pages to which it refers or links to them in any other way.

  1. Cookies

Plazamessolonghi.gr may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain plazamessolonghi.gr services and pages. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk of every visitor / user and do not receive any document or file from their computer. They are used solely to facilitate visitor / user access to specific plazamessolonghi.gr services and for statistical purposes to determine the areas in which plazamessolonghi.gr services are useful or popular.

The visitor and / or user may configure the server used by him or her to accept the use of cookies as this may affect the reception of data by plazamessolonghi.gr as well as the quality of the information provided by it. services, for which the quality of plazamessolonghi.gr is not impaired.

Servers owned by third parties affiliated with plazamessolonghi.gr may automatically collect (through the mechanisms incorporated in each site) information for users of the site for statistical purposes.

We have access to this information only after it has been anonymized and only in the form of statistics, which can be used to improve the design and content of this website (through analytics).

The same is true of statistics from emails that are sent.

  1. Privacy Policy and Personal Data

6.1. Reservation Form – Send email

The personal information disclosed to us through the Reservation form from plazamessolonghi.gr website is collected off-server and processed only if and if you choose to use it only within the framework of your Reservation or communication request by e-mail.

* Your reservation will be considered as Unconfirmed booking until confirmed or answered "positively or negatively" by plazamessolonghi.gr administrators.

  1. E-mail Address Management

We do not have any control over the validity of your e-mail or any other information (such as your name if you use it as part of your e-mail address).

Plazamessolonghi.gr will never send you spam (unsolicited communication), nor will it disclose commercial, political or advertising or other offensive content. However, it reserves the right, for as long as you have not been removed from its contact list, to notify you by email of any emergency event or announcement relating to its website or topics.

Plazamessolonghi.gr will never disclose your information to any third party for any reason whatsoever, except for: third parties that we may select or hire to provide us with further dissemination services (eg services such as mailchimp), which - of course - are not authorized, nor are they able to hold, use or process your data in any way without the active involvement of plazamessolonghi.gr.

  1. Data Security

Plazamessolonghi.gr takes every prudent precaution and takes every reasonable step to keep your data secure.

Automated processing, was chosen so as to minimize (human) errors.

But no traffic on the Internet is 100% secure. This is something to keep in mind in every case: whether you are emailing us, commenting on an article, or sending us emails or social media pages.

  1. Comment Policy

Plazamessolonghi.gr reserves the right to activate display, approval or mitigation services or even ban comments and / or anonymous comments.

The following should be noted:

- Each comment represents its commenter only, and does not necessarily reflect the views of plazamessolonghi.gr.

- Abusive, defamatory or other illegal comments will in no way be tolerated.

- Under no circumstances will any offensive comments addressed to other commenters on plazamessolonghi.gr be allowed.

- Beyond illegal comments, comments that are deliberately off-topic, irrelevant, provocative and intended to provoke explosive reactions (Trolls) are prohibited.

Plazamessolonghi.gr reserves the right to block unauthorized and unreasonable blocking of users who have violated our Terms of Use.

  1. Applicable law

In the event of any dispute or any claim in relation to this site, Greek law shall apply, irrespective of the nature of the dispute.

For all actions or legal proceedings arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use, their validity, application, fulfillment or breach or their content, the Greek Courts, whose jurisdiction you grant irrevocably, have jurisdiction.